Largest Weighbridge Calibration Fleet in the World
Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Technology for Rail Transportation Sector
More Than USD 10,000,000 Sales in Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Technology Since 2014
Driver Distraction Detection Technology Using Computer Vision/Image Processing
Recipient of OIML 2011 Appreciation Award for Excellent Achievements in Legal Metrology in Developing Countries
Ultra Fast Infrared Sensor Thermal Analysis
Official Partner & Operator of Middle East’s Largest Sea-Port’s Weigh Stations: one hundred truck scales installed & maintained
Top-3 largest weighbridge manufacturer in the World
Production Standards in accordance with International Good Manufacturing Practice Guidlines
Leading Manufacturer of Pre-Fabricated Weighbridge Platforms in the World
Four Hundred Strong Team of Committed Scientists, Engineers, Experts & Skilled Work Force
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About Us

Towzin Electric is an active and pioneering company in the production and servicing of precision measurement instruments and offers its products and services to numerous public and private companies.  Towzin Electric started its research, production, and commercial activities in 1993 with a registered capital of Rials 60 billion.Towzin Electric’s core business is design and implementation of precision weighing and measurement instruments for general and special applications.  Towzin Electric’s recognized domestic and international accomplishments during past two decades are indebted to Devine Guidance, contributions of its dedicated personnel many graduated from highly recognized domestic and international universities, and its close association with international institutions and organizations in the related fields.Towzin Electric has tried from inception to work in unison with country development in design and implementation of integrated systems by employee the latest globally available technologies.  Company production facilities currently consists of four units covering 17,000 square meters spread over 40,000 square meters of land.  Additional facilities include office spaces and numerous warehouses 

در حال بار گزاري
در حال بار گزاري
در حال بار گزاري
در حال بار گزاري
در حال بار گزاري