Company History Company History

Towzin Electric completed the administrative requirements for establishment and registration in 1993 (1372).  After building the necessary infrastructure, Company marked the start of its production and commercial activities by participating in 22nd Tehran International Exhibition held in 1995 (1374).

Adaption of modern marketing approaches; supplying high quality products and services; maintaining a policy of using the best domestically and internationally available material; as well as hiring proficient and qualified personnel have enabled Towzin Electric to add a long list of electronic weighing instruments at various capacities and numerous dynamic/static weighting systems to the range of its product offering in a short span of time.  Consequently, Towzin Electric has been able to capture 60% share of the domestic market.

Towzin Electric has been the top winner of many official tenders announced by the national and/or state bodies including National Organization of Rural Cooperatives; national steel companies; state/national petroleum, gas, and petrochemical companies; mining companies; customs administrations; port authorities; and the like.

Design, construction, installation, and commissioning of Iran’s first dynamic rail weighing system in 1996, shorting after the start of Towzin Electric’s operation, cut state authorities by surprise and marked a long period of rapid Company advancement and progress.

In 2000, Towzin Electric acquired Iran Fard Industrial Company, the first weighbridge producer in Iran established in 1959.  With the transfer of the acquired facilities to Towzin Electric’s production base in Kashan and their subsequent modifications, Company capacities increased manifold.  Iran Fard brands are complimentary to Towzin Electric’s own products and are among well recognized brands in Iran and neighboring countries.

Port authorities elected Towzin Electric for maintenance and servicing of weighing systems in operation at Iran’s largest port and customs facilities located in Bandar Abbas which includes Shaid Rajaee and Shahid Bahonar Ports.  Towzin Electric has been providing this service since 2007 (1386).

Personal interest of Towzin Electric’s founder in sports and youth development, initiated a sports sponsorship program in 2001 to attract promising basketball players to be trained under top notch domestic and international coaches.  Towzin Electric’s basketball teams have been participating in many national sports events from junior to super leagues.  They have received awards and recognitions in many occasions including Ethics Cup in 2012.

Towzin Electric’s progress in measurement industry and being considered as the number one selection by numerous state organizations including Ministry of Industry, Mining, and Commerce; Ministry of Cooperatives, Ministry of Public Welfare and Social Security; Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs; and Iran National Standard Institute has roots in ideals of Company founder who was nominated as 2011 man of year in legal metrology.