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Towzin Electric’s top quality products and systems together with on time and reliable after sales services prompted Company to enter into international market in spite of the domestic market being far from saturation.  Towzin Electric’s participation in international exhibitions in the neighboring country and throughout Middle East provided Towzin Electric a foothold in those countries.  During the past two decades, Towzin Electric has succeeded to install and commission many heavy truck weighbridges, railway dynamic weighing systems, intelligent transport systems (ITS), and industrial weighing systems for public and private sectors in neighboring countries including Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and many others.  After supplying Towzin Electric products to Ghana, Company’s international reach now extends to African continent.  Towzin Electric’s latest major international sales was a long-term agreement made with Turkmenistan Agriculture and Grain Department in 2013 for supply of 100 truck weighbridges.  Twenty truck weighbridges have been delivered and installed as the first phase of this agreement.  With constant sensitivity improvements made to Towzin Electric’s systems, Company is bound to become a major player in the international market.