About the founder About the founder

Mr. Morteza Poyan, MS in Electrical Engineering, is the founder of Towzin Electric.  He was born in Tehran, Iran in 1963.  His late father was Haj Hassan Poyan, a native of Niasar, Kashan, in Iran.  He was active in production of rose water and industrial chicken husbandry.  His motheris fromSolaleh Sadat (descendant of Prophet Mohammad), a lady with solid charitable records.

Mr. Poyan completed elementary and middle schools in Kashan.  He had a high technical aptitude from young age.  He installed an electronic facet at age 15 for Bijan Barber Shop in Kashan.  After completing military service in Kordestan, Iran, he went to United States to further his education. 

He received a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.  During his college years, he became a member of Islamic Students in California to participate in religious and political activities.  In order to engage in economic activities, Mr. Poyan applied and received his license to perform wiring works in buildings.  He was the youngest member of the trade in the State of California.

After returning to Iran, Mr. Poyan became interested in weighing industry and started an investigation of the state of industry at that time, which was mainly dominated by production of mechanical instruments.  He sensed a void for electronic scale in the market and started Towzin Electric Company in 1993.  His new company proved successful and managed to capture 75% of the Iranian market for truck scales within 10 years.

Continued innovation and untiring endeavor of Mr. Poyan has turned Towzin Electric Company into a manufacturing base with 4 production facilities and a sizeable organization engaging 540 personnel from wide ranging backgrounds and experiences.

Towzin Electric Company is presently the largest producer of truck weighbridges and weighing systems in the Middle East.  Company now enjoy a 50% share of weighing system market in Iran by engaging in large projects in this specialized field of activities.  Mr. Poyan has been the Director of Association of Measurement and Weighing Instrument Producers in Iran for many years as the result of Towzin Electric’s market standing and success records.

Haj Morteza Poyan has strong religious belief and actively participates in philanthropic works in the birthplace of his late father, Niasar, Kashan, Iran.  He has built a 2500-square meter mosque in Niasar to follow his later father’s will.

Mr. Poyan is a highly creative and innovative entrepreneur who actively monitors technological advancements.  His efforts in the field of legal metrology earned him the prestigious Man of Year Award from OIML in 2011.

Mr. Poyan has received numerous recognitions and awards for his efforts in the field of measuring instruments, some of them are mentioned below:

 Gold Statute honoring top producing managers, 2011 
• National Entrepreneurship Award, 2010
• National Industry and Commerce Hall of Fame nomination, 2009

• National Recognition Award, 2009
Top Entrepreneur Award, 2008