Intelligent Transportation System Intelligent Transportation System

TEC Group

TEC Group Specializes in Design and Production of Precision Instruments, Weighing, Measurement Technology, and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

Towzin Electric Group

Founded in 1995, Towzin Electric Company is an international, knowledge-based, and business institution, dedicated to development of ITS technology, regionally, and globally.

We specialize in the manufacturing of Weighing, Measurement, and Precision Instrumentation Technologies.

High Speed Weigh-In-Motion for Direct Enforcement

Key Features:

  • Extensive & live data analysis system for immediate vehicle weight detection for direct law enforcement
  • Two platforms per lane, achieving ±97% GVW accuracy
  • State-of-the-art, 23kHz, IP69 load cells, for making low & high speeds detection possible
  • Vehicle weight detection speed range: 5 KPH to 250 KPH
  • Operating Temperature Range: –30°C to +80°C
  • Stereo Vision Camera for additional speed detection accuracy
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition technology combined with LPR (License Plate Recognition) & USDOT Number Reader, for Vehicle Image Capturing & Classification
  • High Durability & Minimum Maintenance required
  • Full compliance with ASTM E1318 and COST 323


Data Analysis & Weight Estimation Methods

Exceedingly high sampling rate of 2.5 mega samples per second, enabling the detection of vehicles with the speeds of 200 Km/h and above.

6MBIT/sec data collection rate for each platform and 24 Mbit/sec for 4 platforms at once

Minimum dependency to International Roughness Index (IRI) and road geometry



Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System

IntelliCam ® is a highly accurate ANPR system designed for

all weather license plate detection, speed detection, and direct


Technical Features:

Easy installation and maintenance

Highly accurate license plate localization and detection

97% accuracy of the license plate recognition system

98% accuracy of the speed detection system

Equipped with overview and ANPR cameras

High dynamic range and wide viewing angle cameras

Capability of training and reading international license plates

Indivisible IR illumination for night and dark environments

Adaptive camera calibration system

Non-stop, 24 hours/7 days operation

IP6 protection

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System



Urban and rural roads

Petrol stations

Toll stations

Car park

Military and Governmental sites


Individual vehicle license plate number

Individual vehicle’s point-to-point and average speed

Cropped image from the license plate number

Digitized and saved plate information in various standard databases

     (e.g. SQL)

Graph-based report for traffic flow, speed, and vehicles’ count

Average traveling speed for individual vehicles over the equipped road

     and highways


Police Assistance Speed Detection System

PoliCam ® is an autonomous system that measures and detects the relative and absolute speed of the vehicles driving in front of the police ego-vehicle.

Technical Features:

Easy dash-month and portable system, suitable for all-type police cars

Speed detection range: 10- 250km/h

Speed detection accuracy: 98%

Equipped with GPS localization and tracking system

Online ticketing option

Online record and report of   vehicles’ image, speed, and location

Advanced computer-vision based monocular system

Low-power battery drive system

Adaptive camera calibration system

24-hour day and night operation

5 Years warranty

Autonomous Advanced Driver Assistance System

DrowsyCam ® is part of a complex and advanced driver

assistance system that detects driver’s drowsiness

and distraction using a miniaturized face monitoring camera

and an embedded hardware to warn a drowsy drivers and to

prevent fatal imminent crashes.

Key Features:

High accurate blink-rate detection

Intelligent closed-eye detection system

Haptic and audio warning system

Automatic day and night mode operation

Drowsiness detection

Head nodding detection

Distraction detection

Driver’s head pose detection

Eye-gaze analysis system

Safe IR illumination for night mode monitoring

Easy dash-month and portable system, suitable for all-type vehicles

Equipped with GPS localization and tracking system

Online driver’s status report

Low-power battery operation system

High Speed Track Weighing

Automatic load cell-based track Weighing-In-Motion

Legal for Trade

Speed Detection Range: 5Km/h to 80Km/h, with 99.5% accuracy

Applicable for majority of wagon types

Minimum Installation downtime

Track stabilization option via ballast bonding

No transit speed limit

Wheel flat detection system

Hot wheel detection system

Wheel weighing system

Axle weighing system

Unbalance axle detection system

Bogie weighing system

Wagon weighing system

Other Achievements:

Top three manufacturer of pre-fabricated weighbridge platforms in the world, constructed as per international production standards

2011 recipient of OIML Appreciation Award for Excellent Achievements in legal metrology in developing countries

Peer-reviewed publication in OIML’s October 2016 Bulletin

Official partner and operator of Middle East’s largest seaport’s weighing stations for the past two decades

Owner and operate of the largest weighbridge calibration fleet in the region

500-Strong committed team of scientists, engineers, and experts