Quality Policy Quality Policy

The principle objective of Towzin Electric Company is to provide accurate information to customers intended to assist them in identifying their own needs and evaluation of alternativesolutions that may satisfy their needs in order to gain their trust and increase their satisfaction.

Towzin Electric Company has adapted a policy for continued identification of the related organizational processes and has established a companywide mandate for increased coordination and interaction among those processes.

Towzin Electric Company has adapted the following quality policies and objectives.

  • Adhere to a quality assurance system based on ISO 9001:2000 and undertake to constantly maintain and improve up on it
  • Improve the quality of its products and services on continued basis and endeavor toward achieving highest customer satisfaction and gaining customer trust.
  • Increase company knowledge base through employee training and human resource development in order to encourage personnel innovation, employee participation, and compliance with national and international standards with the ultimate objective of attaining higher customer satisfaction.
  • Observe professional ethics, exercise honesty, and fulfill obligations by furthering the development of organizational culture and personnel responsibility.
  • Improve benefits of stakeholders by increasing market share, minimizing organizational errors, reducing production costs, and offering reasonable prices.
  • Increase company share in international market by production and promotion of quality products and services as means for maintaining company growth and meeting long term company objectives.
  • Contribute to advancement of weighing industry by staying current with new technologies, improving Companyofferings, and developing new products.

   I make a person commitment for the organization wide implementation and annual review of these policies to assure their compatibility with company mission.

    Towzin Electric managers and personnel are obliged to adhere to company objectives and strategies in order to empower the driving force that feeds toward the rapid growth and development of company.