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Fard Iran is an active and pioneering company in the production and servicing of precision measurement instruments and offers its products and services to numerous public and private companies.  Fard Iran started its research, production, and commercial activities in 1993 with a registered capital of Rials 60 billion.Fard Iran’s core business is design and implementation of precision weighing and measurement instruments for general and special applications.  Fard Iran’s recognized domestic and international accomplishments during past two decades are indebted to Devine Guidance, contributions of its dedicated personnel many graduated from highly recognized domestic and international universities, and its close association with international institutions and organizations in the related fields.Fard Iran has tried from inception to work in unison with country development in design and implementation of integrated systems by employee the latest globally available technologies.  Company production facilities currently consists of four units covering 17,000 square meters spread over 40,000 square meters of land.  Additional facilities include office spaces and numerous warehouses 

Combo Truck Scale

In this type of steel scale, scale page of reinforced concrete frame and prefabricated precast foundation of the scale system with only 30 cm of excavation at the base  . scale ramps for the installation will be made ​​available , upon request of the customer will be offered Guard rail Bvd.az with other characteristics of the scalee placement height of the ground surface , which may be due to site conditions scale installation of different heights and are subject to change .

Semi-Concrete Deck Truck Scales

The scale, scale type is the metal with the main chassis of the scale of the duty metal chassis of tolerance and load transfer to the load cell is responsible for addition to the main chassis, a combination of reinforcement and concrete is made Page the scale will be provided with prefabricated foundation because concrete bascule scale one in the time it takes to reach the scale  operation .will take longer


Electronic Railroad Truck Scales

All kinds of railway scales   by Fard Iran Co. is engineered to give the    mostadvanced    alternative    available    in  today’s     railway    scales. Designed    for accuracy in any   environment using the   latest technology    in    electronics   and mechanical    design,    to    assure reliability and long life. 


TEC 1610 Indicator

Viewing force measured by the load cell as the weight is indicated. Features in this device can be very simple or more advanced equipment such as a printer or can be connected to it, with a keyboard, all letters or the possibility of a direct connection to it, with different ports communicate with other electronic equipment or the ability to connect to a computer to use of a computer monitor instead of the display is showing. Components that can be used in the manufacture of showing high sensitivity and delicacy as well as a wide range of quality and precision is of good quality if unchecked, leads to significant error in the correct number will weight.

Steel Deck Truck Scales

The scale.scale  type is the metal with the main chassis in thescale of duty metal chassis of tolerance and load transfer to the load cell is responsible for addition to the main chassis, a combination of beams and sheet made ​​page the scale will be provided with prefabricated foundation , as well as a page on the  scale  signed as separate pallets number of pallets according to the capacity and dimensions of the scale  is different .


Best Paper Award
At the conclusion of the the 8th International Conference on Weigh-In-Motion (ICWIM8), in recognition of the best accepted scientific paper among all papers submitted, the Selection Committee of 8th International Conference on Weigh-In-Motion presented The Best Paper Award to Dr. Fatemeh HEIDARI and Dr. Morteza POUYAN, for the paper entitled: Application of Deep Learning Technique in High Speed Weigh-In-Motion Systems for Direct Enforcement!
Mr. M. Pouyan top entrepreneur in 2014
In the twenty-sixth festival workers and entrepreneurs thanks to superior Towzin Group CEO Mr. M. Pooyan Awarded to the Department of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare was granted .
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در حال بار گزاری

In a continuously changing world of today, commercial and public entities recognize the need for further training.  Technological advances introduce changes in tools, devices, and apparatuses used in daily works.  These changes mandate acquisition of new knowledge and enabling skills in order to apply new instrumentation.  The candidates for new training include personnel, workers, customers, and other stakeholders. Fard Iran offers training programs with instructors from academic institutions or top ranking experts graduated from recognized universities.  The training programs employee modern educational materials and knowledge base on the latest technologies regarding design and production of various weighing and measurement instruments.  Fard Iran’s training programs are offered periodically during the year.  Registration for these training programs are announced through official Fard Iran portal.

Fard Iran undertook to publish a newsletter as the means to bring its employees and customerscloser.  The objectives set for this publication include: increased exchange of training, academic, social, and cultural information inside and outside of Company; distribute inform about new advancements in weighing industry; maintain contacts with customers as the most valuable asset of Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates; activation of the unused potential in the weighing industry; and participations in news media.Fard Iran quarterly was first published in 1995 to address the needs of Company’s internal and external stakeholders.  In order to enrich its contents, this quarterly has solicited academic personalities and recognized industry experts to contribute their research and studies for publication.Statistics of subscribers and recipients of earlier issues show that Fard Iran’s quarterly newsletters have been widely received by academics in the related fields.This quarterly started with limited circulations to company managers and supervisors and currently enjoys a circulation of over 10,000 with average content of 48 pages in two languages of Farsi and English.  This achievement serves as the driving force for making this quarterly ever richer and more presentable in the future.  In order to achieve an even higher circulation, Fard Iran’s newsletter is now available through company portal to all interested individuals and companies.

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Journal editors have always been the main objectives of the study and reflection weighing Electric material that is useful for owners bascule In this paper we have tried to mention some of the content.
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