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Best Paper Award
At the conclusion of the the 8th International Conference on Weigh-In-Motion (ICWIM8), in recognition of the best accepted scientific paper among all papers submitted, the Selection Committee of 8th International Conference on Weigh-In-Motion presented The Best Paper Award to Dr. Fatemeh HEIDARI and Dr. Morteza POUYAN, for the paper entitled: Application of Deep Learning Technique in High Speed Weigh-In-Motion Systems for Direct Enforcement!
Mr. M. Pouyan top entrepreneur in 2014
In the twenty-sixth festival workers and entrepreneurs thanks to superior Towzin Group CEO Mr. M. Pooyan Awarded to the Department of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare was granted .
The unveiling of the new issue of the journal weighing Electric
New numbers released this publication as a spokesman Journal Towzin electric equipment industry , according to the vacuum source of information and a lack of industry in this press release shall be valid years
Sartorius Germany 's top managers in iran
the laTowzin Electric is an active and pioneering company in the production and servicing of precision measurement instruments and offers its products and services to numerous public and private companies.
Towzin Electric and the world of ITS
ITS uses IT information technologies appropriate communication between people , vehicles and the road infrastructure make Mysazdk·h is useful to change the transportation industry and will help solve the problems of the 21st century .